Springdale Manufacturers

Representing more than two dozen nationally known sheet metal and mechanical HVAC equipment manufacturers in Arkansas and Oklahoma.

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Variable speed drives for the HVAC industry available from 1 to 550 HP with optimal accessories including electronic bypass and classic bypass.
Vertical and horizontal belt and direct drive fan coil units, available from stock.
Outdoor preinsulated duct system.
Climate by Designs
Dedicated desiccant air-supply units provide low-humidity conditions necessary to maintain a dry environment. Food Processing, hospital and surgical suites, ice arena, mobile rental, etc.
Core provides a fixed plate total enthalpy solution ERV with the benefits of low maintenance from no moving parts and is AHRI certified to 0% cross-contamination.
EnTouch Controls
HVAC controllers; thermostats for buildings and facilities; allowing for remote facility automation control, energy monitoring and alarming.
Custom air handlers, fanwall systems, energy pack custom HVAC solution , ultraline custom packaged rooftop systems.
Above Air Tech
High percentage outside air mission critical and comfort cooling systems
American Ultraviolet
Ultraviolet fixtures for coils, air handling units, in-duct systems, and mobile decontamination.
Baltimore Air Coil (BAC)
Cooling towers, closed circuit cooling towers, hybrid cooling towers
Bulldog Heat Pump
An innovative Canadian improvement to the traditional Water Source Heat Pump (WHSP) system.
Climate Master
Commercial geothermal and water, source heat pumps horiz / vert / console & rooftop heat pumps, and energy recovery units.
Desert Aire
Commercial, industrial, pool, and residential dehumidifiers; high efficiency 100% OSA dehumidifiers with optional energy recovery wheel.
HVAC load reduction modules with ASHRAE 145.2 certified air cleaning technology
Greenheck is the leading supplier of air movement, control and conditioning equipment.
100% Outdoor air systems DOAS, split systems DOAS, heat pumps
Advanced energy efficient air handling systems
Wall and indoor mount air conditioners, gas/electric units, air to air heat pumps, water to air heat pumps including ventilation options.
Motor starters for commercial and industrial applications.
Custom cooling tower solutions provider specializing in the design and build of field erected fiberglass and concrete cooling towers
DuctSox® air dispersion products are an innovative and cost effective fabric alternative to traditional metal ductwork.
Flexmaster U.S.A.
Felxible duct, high efficiency take-off fittings, round dampers, and access doors
Heat Pipe Technology
World leader in HVAC heat pipe applications with complete lines of dehumidification wrap-around as well as energy recovery heat pipes.
Condensing Boilers and High-Efficiency Water Heaters
Leading provider of Underfloor Air Distribution including trench heaters, diffusers, air handling units, fan terminal units, linear troughs and overhead chilled beams.
Blue Duct
The BlueDuct is the only proven, direct-burial underground duct system made from ultra-durable, advanced HDPE (high-density polyethylene).
Bock Water Heaters
High efficiency tank style condensing water heaters, electric water heaters, and storage tanks.
Clima Cool
Modular chiller systems specialized to meet chiller redundancy needs and difficult access or site replacement requirements, simultaneous heating and cooling heat pump chillers.
Electronic steam humidifiers, centrifugal atomizing humidifiers; live steam type humidifiers.
Residential, commercial and industrial water treatment solutions that minimize maintenance, water waste, energy consumption and the use of salt or chemicals
Franklin Control Systems
Motor starters for commercial and industrial applications.
Graham Engineering Answers
Vacuum and heat transfer equipment, water-to-water plate heat exchangers, instantaneous steam, water heaters.
Lync By Watts
Commercial heat pumps, water heater solutions, Water Quality Solutions.
The Detection Group
Water Leak Detection System that is Wireless for existing buildings or new construction that can report water leaks and shut off water when required.
Flooded maglev chillers, water and air cooled chillers, heat recovery chillers
Manufacturer of polypropylene and stainless steel fans and accessories for use in highly aggressive environments.
Rapid Engineering
Heavy Duty Make Up Air Systems & Batch Ovens
Unit heaters, air curtains, rooftop furnaces, evaporative cooling units, packaged HVAC rooftop, indoor units, finned tube hydronics.
Wessels Company
Air Dirt Separators, Expansion Tanks, Glycol Systems, Buffer Tanks. Storage Tanks, and Heat Exchangers.
Market-Leading manufacturer of wire joiners and tensioners for agriculture, suspension solutions for construction HVAC Ductwork Hangers & Support.
Anchored by LG’s industry-leading Multi V™ VRF series, LG offers complete end-to-end solutions that are perfectly suited for a number of commercial applications
UnitHeaters, residential HVAC, geothermal heating and cooling, commercial rooftop HVAC systems, classroom HVAC, etc.
Mobile and compact dust collectors, fume exactors, stationary filter systems, extraction arms, vehicle exhaust systems, fans, pumps, ducts, pipes, and more.
PHP System Design
Pipe and equipment support services.
Rae Coils
Replacement steam coils, evaporator coils, booster coils, condenser coils, industrial coils.
Providing custom air handling solutions, fan upgrades, and coils for a variety of industrial and commercial applications
Packaged energy recovery ventilators, energy wheels, heat pipes, plate heat exchangers.
Meeting Mission-critical air management requirements for aerospace, biotech, hospital, pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries.
MacroAir is the original inventor of the High Volume Low Speed large ceiling mounted fans providing fans from 8’ to 24’ in diameter with gear driven and direct drive options
Welding & vehicle source capture systems, exhaust hose reels, collectors.
Largest family of custom brand of HVAC brands. Custom Engineer innovative product solutions for every HVAC application.