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Jeff Hill
Jeff Hill has been with Airetech since August of 2004 in the Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing Department. He became certified as a TAB Supervisor in 2009 after completing the written and practical examinations administered by the National Environmental Balancing Bureau (NEBB). Jeff is also a NEBB certified Sound and Vibration Supervisor.

Jeff began his professional career in 1992 when he entered the US Navy. He managed day to day operations for an assigned F-14 Super Tomcat in Fighter Squadron TWO. After advancement in rank, he moved departments and was assigned to type and receive classified documents for the squadron. After his time in the Navy, he took a position with Johnson Controls in New Orleans. He received several hundred hours in technical training in the fast track program for controls technicians. Everything from writing control sequences to troubleshooting commercial HVAC equipment.

After starting his employment with Airetech, Jeff has been successful in getting his professional certifications from NEBB in Testing, Adjusting and Balancing and Sound and Vibration. He is now the NEBB Certified professional in the Springdale office.

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