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"Our philosophy...represent the best manufacturers in our industry..."

Some manufacturers are market specific to the Oklahoma / Arkansas offices.

Manufacturers listed in alphabetical order – click on name to access manufacturers website.

Variable speed drives for the HVAC industry available from 1 to 550 HP with optimal accessories including electronic bypass and classic bypass. Factory certified startup and servicing available.


Vertical and horizontal belt and direct drive fan coil units, available from stock


Advanced energy efficient air handling systems designed for commercial, institutional, and industrial applications including energy recovery units, make-up air units, retrofit units, and custom packaged DX units


Medical grade chillers, modular chillers, process chillers, cooling towers, and specialized custom chillers


Wall and indoor mount air conditioners, gas/electric units, air to air heat pumps, water to air heat pumps including ventilation options


Motor starters for commercial and industrial applications


Modular chiller systems specialized to meet chiller redundancy needs and difficult access or site replacement requirements, simultaneous heating and cooling heat pump chillers


Commercial geothermal and water, source heat pumps horiz / vert / console & rooftop heat pumps, and energy recovery units

Daikin VRV-VRF

High efficiency air- and watercooled Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) systems complete with controls

Desert Aire

Commercial, industrial, pool and residential dehumidifiers; high efficiency 100% OSA dehumidifiers with optional energy recovery wheel

Duct Sox

Fabric air dispersion products & systems; architectural and cost efficient


Air flow measuring technologies, thermal dispersion products to measure air flow for outside air intakes, fan intakes, duct probes, and bleed sensors

EnTouch Controls

HVAC controllers; thermostats for buildings and facilities; allowing for remote facility automation control, energy monitoring and alarming


Standard and hospital grade flexible duct, high efficiency take-off fittings, bellmouth fittings, round dampers and access doors in galvanized, aluminum and stainless steel.


Packaged terminal air-conditioning and heat pump units


Vacuum and heat transfer equipment, water-to-water plate heat exchangers, instantaneous steam, water heaters.


Fans, power roof ventilaters, exhausters, gravity ventilators, intake
and relief vents, industrial centrifugal blower and ventilators, laboratory exhaust systems, kitchen ventilation systems, energy recovery ventilators, make up air units, mechanical and architectural louvers, dampers and shutters, control dampers; fire, smoke and combination fire/smoke dampers


High quality standard off-the-shelf and custom designed HVAC airflow sensing and monitoring for indoor air quality with a broad range of analog and network connectivity options


Industrial fan products for marine duty, hazardous environments, process ventilation and complete line of fiberglass products for corrosive environments


Direct and indirect fired makeup air units, combination heating and cooling units, commercial air handlers, and gas fired duct furnaces

Hays Fluid Controls

Hydronic flow control components including automatic flow control valves, water source heat pump hose kits, fan coil piping packages

Heat Pipe Technology, Inc

World leader in HVAC heat pipe applications with complete lines of dehumidification wrap-around as well as energy recovery heat pipes. Thousands of installations worldwide.

Johnson Air-Rotation

Air rotation, gas fired make-up air units


Custom air handling equipment including but not limited to penthouse units, mechanical equipment rooms, pump packages, dehumidification and energy recovery units.


Electric Unit Heaters, Wall Heaters, Ceiling Heaters, and Hazardous Heaters


Commercial and industrial chimney products, no chase grease duct.


Welding & vehicle source capture systems, exhaust hose reels, collectors


Refrigerant monitors, alarms, gas detection and monitoring stations, networked and stand alone systems, combustible gas detection and BMS integration


Electronic steam humidifiers, centrifugal atomizing humidifiers; live steam type humidifiers.

Plasma Air International

Plasma Air ionization systems remove particles, odorous compounds and pathogens from the air as well as save energy by reducing the amount of Outside Air utilizing the IAQ Procedure of ASHRAE 62.1

PHP Systems/Design

Pipe and equipment support services


Rooftop packaged pool dehumidification units for commercial and industrial applications, smaller packaged and split system-pool dehumidifiers


VAV boxes, fan powered and reheat thermal boxes, fan coil units, wide variety of grilles, registers and diffusers, under floor systems, chilled beam

RAE Coils

Replacement steam coils, evaporator coils, booster coils, condenser coils, industrial coils

Rapid Engineering

Direct-fired and indirect-fired make up air units, commercial kitchen make up air units, combination heating and cooling units w/ dx coils, water coils or evaporative cooling, gas fired unit heaters


Spiral pipe (round and flat oval), acoustical panels and plenums, sound attenuators, industrial diffusers and duct sealant


Hot water/steam base board heaters, fin-tube, boilers

Sprecher + Schuh

Motor starters for commercial and industrial HVAC applications


Unit heaters, air curtains, rooftop furnaces, evaporative cooling units, packaged HVAC rooftop, indoor units, finned tube hydronics

Stulz Air Technology Systems

Precision temperature and humidity control equipment for data centers, ultrasonic humidifiers


Custom roof curbs including adaptor curbs, side discharge curbs, insulated construction, and vibration isolation curbs


Fume/lab hood controllers (VAV and constant volume) room pressure monitors and controllers.

UV Resources

Ultra violet lamps and fixtures for commercial and residential equipment


Packaged energy recovery ventilators, energy wheels, heat pipes, plate heat exchangers

Young Regulator

Sheet metal and duct specialties, VAV diffusers and dampers, motor-operated dampers, Bowden remote cable-operated damper operators.

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